One Day In The Grass

I was sitting in the grass one day, twisting circles in my hair,
When I noticed three small leprechauns, just standing over there.

I wasn’t sure they noticed me, at least not right away,
So I pretended not to see them, and hoped that they would stay.

After a moment I stood up straight, and thought I’d play a ruse,
If only I could make them laugh, I surely wouldn’t lose.

With my finger pointed in the air and my left hand on my hips,
I started dancing round and round and whistling with my lips.

As I danced I watched them from the corner of my eye,
And suddenly I noticed that a pixie flew right by!

She fluttered ‘round and took a dive and landed near the three,
You wont believe what happened next; she started watching me!

I twirled left and to the right, and danced my way into the night.
The fireflies swirled round my head and lit the place with disco light.

Some others came to watch my show, a fairy and her clan.
I finally got my nerve up and said “My name is Dan!”

I knew they’d jump and run away, but when they said that they would stay,
We all joined hands and jumped and played; the cool part was, we weren’t afraid.

I laughed at them, they laughed with me, it felt so good to be so free.
I left my friends out in the grass; funny how the time did pass.

We all agreed to dance again, to meet late after dark.
They said they’d bring more friends this time if I reserved the park.

It really happened, you will find, if not here then in my mind,
If a dream then pleasure me; this was my little fantasy.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day How To Talk Like A Pirate

For those of you celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day, and in a nod to my other book titled The Day I Became A Pirate, I am posting this infographic on How to Talk Like a Pirate for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Talk Like A Pirate Day is this September 19!How To Talk Like A Pirate on Talk Like A Pirate DayDon’t forget to Talk Like A Pirate! Yarrr!